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My Dearest Mia,

How it wracked my soul to leave you behind today!
But I will return for you someday, I swear it!

For now, I will write you these letters so you may know how your sweet Machael fares out in the cruel, cruel world.

As I told you before I left, my first plan upon escape was to secure funds to run far and fast.
But when I arrived at the bank, the teller told me a hold had been placed on my accounts so that I was unable to make any withdrawals without Mama or Papa present.

Why would he do that?
Did he know?

I was lamenting my fate when the sweetest little man addressed me so very kindly. He listened to my tale of woe and offered cheer with a white smile and sage advice. When he learned of my emperor title in fencing, he suggested I might hire out my blade.

I can hardly imagine what ruffians I may have encountered in such a life. But it seems I was to be spared finding out.

The small, sweet man was Torael, first mate on a pirate ship that's setting out soon. I was exclaiming over the romanticism of pirates when my ear caught the music of untuned chimes approaching.

Oh, Mia! Perhaps the most handsome elf I've ever seen stood there watching us.
He is tall—so tall! Taller even than I am.
But muscularly built, and with the most beautiful long hair not unlike mine.
There was something just a hint strange about his countenance...I cannot quite put my finger on it...

He introduced himself as Lord Tirin Dawnshatter, and I felt immediately at ease. Not only was this strange elf so dreadfully handsome, but nobility as well—granted, not a name with which I'm familiar—but who cares?

Torael laughed and revealed Lord Dawnshatter was his ship's captain, and then the two of them spoke as though I wasn't there...though I was.
I couldn't quite follow, I only know that the weight of the captain's eyes when he looked on me made my thighs hurt, and then they were suddenly speaking to me again.

Oh, Mia, they offered me a position aboard their ship!
I, your Machael, am going to be a pirate~
How romantical it all is.

As icing on the cake, the captain took my hand and pressed a several coins into it, instructing me to go supply myself with what I needed to ship out!

Can there be anything better than an unnaturally handsome man who calls you by sweet names and thrusts money upon you, demanding you go shopping? I am sure I can think of nothing.

I've all done shopping now.
Torael looks so dashing in his leathers, he inspired me to dress a bit more conservatively.
I wish someday I can be so cheerful and outgoing as he is.
He must make friends everywhere he goes.

Now I shall check in with the captain and return his change. With his approval, the ship will be my next stop!

Oh, Mia. How I wish you could be here with me for this grand adventure~


Machael Dawnglory

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